Dave Steel Pianos is an established small business with nearly 30 years of experience providing a service both to the public and the trade in Bristol, North Somerset and the surrounding area. We specialise in all aspects of restoration ranging from tuning, simple repairs to complete rebuilds and also hold a stock of quality pianos for sale or rental.

About us

The short version!

  • We started in 1988.
  • We are not interested in cheap, we are interested in quality.
  • Two people you might want to talk to - Dave, for all piano queries - Siân, to book in a tuning or an appointment.
  • We tune, repair, buy, sell, exchange and rent pianos.
  • Viewings of pianos are by appointment from our home workshop in Wraxall.
  • We also offer a piano storage facility.
  • We are knowledgable, passionate, enthusiastic and downright good with pianos!
  • We tune, service and repair pianos in Bristol, North Somerset and the surrounding area.



The long version!

Dave started the company in 1988. Which means he has nearly 30 years experience at his fingertips! We are a small bristol based, family run business providing superb service to the public and the trade. Specialising in all aspects of restoration from tuning your piano and simple repairs, to complete rebuilds on all types of pianos.

We are passionate about pianos and operating on a small scale does not mean that quality is of a lesser standard, on the contrary, we take personal care, interest and pride in each individual piano and job. We know that a good reputation is an essential ingredient to the success of the business and so every effort is made to provide honest, quality craftsmanship at good value for money.

Not only do we care for your piano, but we also buy, sell and exchange pianos . We have a selection of quality reconditioned pianos and also some marvellous new pianos. A three year guarantee, tuning and free local delivery is given with each sale. Check out our For Sale page for more information and also have a look at  our Blog page, where there is a great section about buying a piano for the first time, which shows you what to look out for and what to avoid.

If that is not enough, we also offer a rental service (see our rental page for more details) for those not wishing to purchase immediately, but with the option to buy after the first 12 months.

A regular tuning service is also offered as a personal back up to ensure your piano is kept in good tune and working order.

Friendly advice gladly given.

Located in Wraxall (only 15 mins drive from Bristol City Centre), we are 3 mins away from the lovely National Trust Tyntesfield Estate and 5 mins away from the very popular Noah's Ark Zoo farm, so why not make it a day out for the whole family! Please ring us to make an appointment first!






Piano Restoration

If you have a piano already and are thinking about having it repaired or restored we'd be pleased to give you a free estimate or quote. Dave is happy to do simple repairs to full rebuilds.

A simple repair might involve replacing a broken hammer shank or string, replacing a loose tuning pin or just simply rectifying a sticky note.

A full rebuild would normally include:

  • Stripping the piano right down and removing the iron frame.

  • Making any necessary repairs to the soundboard, frame or bridges before rebuilding the piano with the best quality materials.

  • Actions and keyboards would be overhauled and regulated as necessary.

  • Caseworks would be stripped right back to the bare wood, sanded, stained and either spray finished or traditionally french polished by hand as required.

  • The piano would finally be chipped up to concert pitch and finely tuned to A440, completing the rebuild and restoring the instrument to its former glory.

Please phone or e-mail for more detailed information.

Piano Tuning

Pianos are made of many different types of materials such as top quality woods, iron, steel, copper, brass, plastics, felts etc., all of which are affected differently by age, wear and use, temperature and humidity. All pianos vary to how long they stay in tune, but generally a piano should be tuned at least twice a year. This is important as tuning a piano not only keeps it in tune with itself, but also prevents the whole pitch from dropping flat which will happen if tuning is neglected.

I offer a regular tuning service which will ensure your piano is kept in tune and good working order. Keeping your piano in tune will not only inspire your playing but will also stop you loosing your friends, family and neighbours!

On our Blog page there is a section on Caring for your Piano which gives hints and tips on how to keep your piano in good working order in-between tunings.

New and Pre-loved Pianos For Sale

New Feurich 115 £3600.00
New Feurich 122 £4500.00
New Feurich 133 £5995.00
New Feurich 162 £10100.00
New Feurich 122 £4500.00
Steinway £POA
Bechstein £SOLD
Moore and Moore £795.00
Bentley £595
Kemmler £795

Piano Rental

Renting instead of buying a Piano can be a cheap flexible and easy solution. For instance if your child wants to start learning piano and you are not sure if this is just a passing phase, then to rent instead of buy is a safer and cheaper option.  No hassle, no worry or fuss! If things do not work out, then you won't have the frustration and inconvenience of having to sell the piano and expenses will have been minimal. Or perhaps for the already accomplished pianist, who wants to upgrade to a better quality instrument.

If things work out well and you would like to purchase your rental piano then you may do so. Your initial payment and all the rental money you have paid during the first year will be credited to you and deducted from the purchase price of the piano. After the first year only 1/3 of any further payments will be credited. Rental Pianos range from entry level to more modern higher quality pianos to suit your needs and requirements. Rental is paid monthly in advance by standing order and it all costs as little as:-

£50 per month for pianos priced between £600 and £999

£60 per month for pianos priced between £1000 and £1499

£70 per month for pianos priced between £1500 and £2000

There is an initial up front payment of £300 which is non-refundable, but deducted from the price of the piano if you decide to purchase. (If the piano is going up or downstairs or outside of Bristol there will be a small surcharge). Once the piano has been delivered to your home after two or three weeks it will then be tuned in situ free of charge.

Further tunings are chargeable and normally twice per year, at the current rate.

You may cancel the rental agreement at any time with one months notice. Initial payment and rental monies paid are non-refundable.

For further enquiries please contact us.

Contact Dave Steel Pianos

Located in Wraxall, in between Long Ashton and Nailsea (15 mins drive from Bristol City Centre), we are 3 mins away from the lovely National Trust Tyntesfield Estate and 5 mins away from the very popular Noah's Ark Zoo farm, so why not make it a day out for the whole family!  Please ring us to make an appointment first and for directions! Or use this form to send a message.

Dave Steel Pianos

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